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January 01, 2004


Francis W. Porretto

Will, I think you give too little weight to something I mentioned (and which is part of the excerpt you featured): experiments under primordial-Earth conditions have indeed resulted in the spontaneous formation of amino acids from far simpler chemicals. So whether or not it actually happened that way millions of years ago, it could have happened that way -- just as God could have created the Earth "old" -- that is, complete with its geological record that appears to support the thesis that it's existed for four billion years and has gone through several convulsive changes in chemistry and meteorology.

There's a degree of freedom here, which is as it should be. If the evidence of Divine design and supervision were irrefutable, Man's mind would not be free on the most important of all subjects. The evidence suggests that God, if He exists, wants there to be alternative explanations for everything.

Commander Will


I gave it all the weight it deserves.

First, your statement: "experiments under primordial-Earth conditions have indeed resulted in the spontaneous formation of amino acids from far simpler chemicals" is a great leap into the unknown and unknowable. Know one knows what "primordial" earth conditions were, and furthermore there is no evidence to support that the artificial environment created by Fox, Urey, and Miller ever existed, and there is geological evidence that there has always been a relative abundance of free oxygen in the atmosphere.

Your second contention points to something that I think proves the Bible to be accurate, and it is also supported by things I observe about people all the time. Romans 1:20 states it quite well, but to use a day to day example, just look at democrats: Despite all the evidence that proves Friedman's economics is the correct model, they insist that Keneysian(sp?) economics is the way to go. To them, the only reason communism hasn't worked yet is because it just hasn't been given enough of a chance.

To hide behind "it could happen," despite all the logical evidence that says it isn't practical and that the overwhelming odds say it really isn't possible, but because we can't prove an unprovable theory, you retreat to the agnostic position even though the consequences could be disastrous.

You are free to believe what you want to believe, and it is the vast majority of people who choose to believe what they want to believe, but I choose to believe that ignoring evidence that seems clear and convincing and touting evidence that is misleading and just plain false is dangerous.

I think you need to read, by Michael Behe, or by Denton or by A.W. Wilder-Smith, Ph.D. (3x)

Commander Will

Those books are:

"Darwin's Black Box" by Michael Denton

"Evolution: A Theory In Crisis" by Denton a Ph.D. microbiologist

"The Natural Sciences Know Nothing Of Evolution" by A.E. Wilder-Smith Ph.D.s in Chemotherapy, Microbiology, and Pharmacology.

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