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December 30, 2003



That's what I get for living in the Kennedy belt, I guess.


Happened to end up here after reading one of your responses on Acidman's blog. I'm the guy Geoff's referring to, and if you read my response on his blog you'll see that he took our conversation and gave it a little artistic license spin. In the three presidential elections I've voted in I've voted Green twice & Libertarian once. My views are all over the place, and I wasn't a big fan of Clinton. If I'm a Liberal, then I don't know what a Liberal is. I just have such distrust/disgust of George that I will vote Democrat in 2004, something I've never done. I have yet to see any of the Democratic candidates that cause me greater concern than Bush.

Just my two cents worth, thought you might be interested in hearing the "rest of the story".

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