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December 17, 2003


Ms Anna

Commander Will,

Please excuse this totally off the subject comment. I just read your comment in Gut Rumbles where you mentioned the Tampa weather forecast. Your bio mentions Gulf Coast preferred, with the exception of Key West. If you're in the Tampa Bay area, so am I. Been a Tampa Bay area resident most of the time since January, 1967. Now I live east of Tampa, off I-4 just a few miles down the highway.

Just wanted to say hi to an almost neighbor.

Commander Will

So, you live in Brandon?

Actually, MS ANNA, I presently live Northwest of Atlanta, GA, In fact, I live a little further NW of Marietta, GA, in case you're consulting a map.

But, I do so miss Tampa. I miss my huge saltwater aquarium being 5 minutes from the Campbell Causeway, where I could catch sea horses and all manner of estuary life, as well as krill and "glass" shrimp to feed my fish. I miss the heat.

However, most of the people here are great. And I love being close to my nephews and nieces. My wife is really happy with her job, and I am looking to expand my horizons. Besides, I intend to become successful enough that I can spend time in the tropics during the winter, eventually.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. BTW, if you listen to Jack and Ted and ever call in, tell them Commander Will says, "Hi."

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